Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Warehouse Cleanup After Flooding

Our team was called in to clean up and repair this facility after flooding from heavy rains caused damage to the facility. We responded quickly and immediately ... READ MORE

Storm Drain Backups Caused By Heavy Rains

In these images, you can see our crew working to clean and disinfect this facility after it was flooded by storm drain backups that were the result of heavy rai... READ MORE

Facility Affected By Heavy Rains

Our team responded quickly to the call for help when this facility was affected by heavy rains that caused the damage you see pictured here. We began by extract... READ MORE

Mud And Water After Flooding

If you look at this walk-out basement, you can see that the flood line was above the door. When the flood waters receded from this home, it left mud, water, and... READ MORE

Cleaning Up After Flooding

When flood waters rise and intrude into your home or business, the results can be devastating. If not addressed quickly, you can also develop secondary issues s... READ MORE

Commercial Flooding After Heavy Rains

The crew of SERVPRO of East & West Dundee / SW Barrington Hills was quick to respond to the call to clean up and repair this commercial facility after heavy... READ MORE